February 24, 2012: Modern Commemorative Coins, Sunken Treasure, Rare Gold Coin Auction

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We’re back with another round up of coin collecting new and articles from around the internet! First, a selection of modern commemorative coins with impressive designs. Also, Coingrader Capsule on detecting cleaned coins, Zerbe Proof 1921 Morgan Dollars, more on Goldline, sunken treasure, 2012 Infantry Silver Dollars, San Francisco gold coin auction, Year of the Dragon coins, coin market report, US Mint schedule, silver product sales suspension, and notable auctions. On to the links…

Mint News Blog provides a look at some favorite modern commemorative coin designs. In addition to being beautiful in their own respect, the coins also have specific aspects worthy of discussion.

A new Coingrader Capsule provides some pointers for detecting evidence of cleaning, so you can try to avoid getting returned from grading companies without grades.

CoinWeek on the uncertain origin of “Zerbe Proof” 1921 Morgan Dollars.

Here is a nice summary of the recent news on Goldline from the Wall Street Journal’s personal finance blog. Another report from Courthouse News Service.

Yesterday, Peru made a last minute claim that $500 million worth of sunken treasure ready to be turned over to Spain had actually been stolen from the people of Peru centuries ago. Based on this article from today, it appears that the transfer to Spain will proceed as planned.

On a related not, Popular Mechanics has an article with an estimate of the total value of the world’s sunken treasure.

Some more information on the 174 recently graduated Infantrymen who received one of the 2012 Infantry Silver Dollars. These were gifted by a private supporter of the Army.

Doug Winter has some commentary on a not-so-secret rare gold coin auction recently conducted in San Francisco.

Is a “forced transition to dollar coins” upon us? Here is an article in favor of the dollar bill by a spokesman for Americans For George, a pro-paper dollar group that includes Crane & Co.

An article on the Hispanic Society of America’s collection of 37,895 precious coins that will soon be sold by Sotheby’s. An activist claims that they are forsaking their duty to give something back to its community.

The Perth Mint has scheduled the release of an Australian Lunar “privy mark” Year of the Dragon silver bullion coin. On the numismatic front, they will soon offer the high relief proof Year of the Dragon silver coin.

An interesting thought exercise on what might happen if the government offered to buy cents back from the public at more than face value.

A coin market report that focuses on sales through internet venues for NGC graded coins.

This CoinWeek article has some recommendations for the US Mint.

Shortly afterward, the US Mint updated their product release schedule with a few new entries, and then suspended sales for some silver numismatic products.

And now for some notable auctions. First, the 1995-1996 Olympics Commemorative Gold and Silver 16 Coin Proof Set in the US Mint cherry wood box.

Next, an auction for a group of 100 Peace Silver Dollars offered with no reserve.

Last, the 2006 Platinum Eagle 4 Coin Proof Set, which began the three year design series “The Foundations of American Democracy”.

That’s it for another update. Have a great weekend!

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